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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Overnight Challenge results & photos online

Results and photos from the 2009 Apex Overnight Challenge are now online. The event at Sherwood Pines Forest Park attracted unprecedented levels of interest. 69 teams competed to try to win the big prizes.

You can now view the full event report for details of what happened and when. There are all the results so you can compare your scores with those from other teams. Don't miss the photos too for a look at all the highlights.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Overnight Challenge - Event Full

The 2009 Apex Overnight Challenge has now reached capacity! 70 teams are ready to take on all the challenges Sherwood Forest is about to throw at them. Sadly though, this also means that no further teams will be able to join us.

With just under two weeks to go until this year's event, cheques to cover the fees for 70 teams have now arrived at Apex HQ which means we are unable to accept any more teams to take part in the event.

If you have been successful in securing a place your team name will be on the Confirmed Team List. Make sure you read carefully the event details, kit list, directions and remember each team member needs to bring a consent form to the event.

It's always regrettable when we have turn teams away. In an ideal world we'd love to be able to accept all the teams that want to take part, but we have to have to limit numbers for safety reasons, and to ensure the best possible experience for those taking part.

As always, speed counts when it comes to the Apex Challenge and the 70 teams who’ll be joining us were simply the fastest to get their entry fees posted to Apex HQ. So any teams who are still on the Provisional Team List will NOT be able to join us for the weekend. We're sorry if that applies to you, but don't forget we have another event in October so book early when entries open and make sure you confirm your place early to avoid being disappointed.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Apex cheque race is now on

There are more teams registered for April’s Apex Overnight Challenge than there are places available so the race is now on to get the cheques sent on to us. The first 70 teams to pay will be guaranteed a place in the competition but there are currently just 24 more places available with more than 30 unconfirmed teams.

Registering a team to take part in the Apex Challenge does not guarantee your team a place in the competition. All it does is register your interest. The only way to make sure of your team's place is to send a cheque to us to cover your entry fee and any T-shirts which your team wants to pre-order. It's £50 per team plus £5 for each T-shirt. This cheque needs to be sent to Apex Challenge Entries, 6 Martindale Drive, Bramley, Leeds, LS13 2HB. To be fair to all teams the only way we can confirm your place in the event is to wait for your cheque to arrive through the letterbox.

If your team is currently listed on the Provisional Team List page it means you are still unconfirmed. Only once your cheque has been received will you be moved onto the Confirmed Team List page, indicating that your place in the event is now safe.

Please do not call or email to explain that your cheque is in the post as we are unable to confirm any entries until the cheque has arrived.

If you haven’t entered your team yet, there could still be chance to do it. Just fill in your details on the online entry form and send off your cheque straight away and you may well beat the others to those final few places.

As with everything at Apex – speed is the key!

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Apex goes green

2009's Apex Challenge T-shirt design has now been revealed. Our designers have this year gone with a bold footprint design on a striking lime green garment.

The design's a break from the circle motifs used for the last two years and aims to sum up the outdoor nature of each of our events and the extreme activities and challenges which are on offer. On the reverse is the Apex Challenge logo and website address, all printed in black.

Only those taking part in our 2009 competitions will be able to get hold of these t-shirts. In the past almost all the teams have been wearing them and many Scouts say they enjoy wearing them at other events for many months afterwards as well.

Pre-order yours when you enter. They're still just £5 each. If you have already registered your team for the event without pre-ordering one then please contact us. There'll be one or two spares available on the day, but to avoid disappointment make sure you pre-order yours on your team's online entry form.

We're really looking forward to seeing so many people wearing them during the events.

We're able to offer you them at the fantastic price of just £5 thanks to Shawcross Printers of Wakefield who have agreed to make them up for us at a special rate.

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