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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Royal approval for the 'inspirational' Apex Challenge

We're very proud to announce that the Apex Challenge has been given Royal approval with an award from the Duke of York's Community Initiative.

The special award is presented annually by HRH Prince Andrew to community groups and charities from across Yorkshire who, following rigorous assessment, are deemed to be: “of real value to the community, well run and an inspiration to others.”

This acclaimed recognition followed a lengthy assessment period during 2015 where assessors spent time looking at how the Apex Challenge works. Two of the award's assessors visited the Apex Challenge event at Bramham Park in April to see the competition for themselves.

The citation received by the Apex Challenge read: "The Apex Challenge combines outdoor adventure with the very latest cutting edge technology. The activities cover mental, physical and team challenges such as problem solving, high wire courses, caving and canoeing. Since its formation in 2002 the charity has held 22 different events across the whole of the north of England - each involving up to 500 people."

His Royal Highness the Duke of York said, "Over the years the Initiative had sought to extend its remit so that now it not only recognises and rewards outstanding community work but in so doing seeks to enhance society by encouraging award holders to continue to do all they can to break down barriers between both organisations and people."

The Apex Challenge organising team have now been invited to a special ceremony to meet Prince Andrew in early 2016.

Event Director Matt Richards said, "It's a great honour to get recognition like this and it is an award for all the dozens of volunteers who work so hard to make Apex Challenge events such a success. We've managed to build an amazing team with a huge range of skills, and we are very proud that this has been reflected with this prestigious award."

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Missing anything?

Despite the best efforts to reunite any lost property with its owners at the event, we still have quite a few items which were left behind at the Apex Challenge event site.

If any of this is yours, please contact us as soon as possible as we can only keep hold of it for a week, before it will have to be disposed of.

So this is the stuff we're holding. Remember you must claim it before Sunday 11th October, or it will be gone.

  • Black Berghaus jacket (now claimed)
  • Blue Regatta jacket
  • Grey iScout hoodie (now claimed)
  • Purple thermal mug
  • Blue thermal mug
  • Black and white striped drinks bottle
  • Canada lanyard with whistle
  • Manky grey glove with black liner
  • Soggy black hat
  • Set of keys including two Yale-type keys and a fancier one.

If you think any of this could be yours, please contact us straight away with full details (including size) of whatever you've lost.

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